Real Estate

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where to buy canadian proscar online no prescription Jaseth M. Jackson & Co. are leaders amongst their peers in the provision of services pertaining to real estate transactions.  Our expert counsel allays the fear and frustration associated with buying and selling land, especially for non-residents who may not have a good working knowledge of how the legal system in Belize functions.

how often does levitra plus cause blindness Our team of experts: (i) simplifies the processes, (ii) saves time and money (title and due diligence investigations), (iii) negotiates fair and reasonable conditions of sale, (iv) cancels encumbrances over title (ensuring clean title at closing),  and (v) delivers titles in an efficient and safe manner (Federal Express).  In addition, we act as depository/escrow agents for down-payments etc.

  • Vendor & buyer’s representative for real estate closings
  • Realtors’ agents
  • Attorneys’ agents
  • Escrow agents
  • Market valuations
  • Contract negotiation
  • Title investigation
  • Central Bank approvals
  • Sale agreements
  • Transfer of title
  • Recording/registration of transfer documents
  • Liens over title
  • Residential & commercial leases
  • Mortgage cancellation Belize-real-estate