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The Alpha & Omega Group of Companies Limited  is geared towards supplying corporate support for the establishment and maintenance of international business companies (“IBCs”) in Belize.

What is an International Business Company (IBC)?:

An IBC is a company which operates in foreign countries outside of  its country of origin (formation). It therefore has the unique ability to operate internationally yet free of taxes imposed in its country of origin. An IBC is ideal for individuals seeking an international reach in their business enterprise at lowered costs.

Why choose Belize?:

Belize has a well established offshore industry spanning over a decade. Incorporation costs are lower than most jurisdictions. The fact that the primary language is English, even though located in Central American,  there is easy access to most parts of the world and international banking systems should make Belize your 1st choice in the provision of offshore services.

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Services we offer :
• Corporate support for formation of Belizean international business companies (IBCs).
• Escrow of funds.
• Corporate support for provision of offshore Registered Agency/Office .
• Custody of documents and corporate administrative services.
• Offshore bank account introductions.
Contact us at:

USA Tel. No.: 1(718)-709-7964.

BZE. Tel. No.:011 (501) 822- 2798.

E-mail: offshore@thealpha-omegagroup.com