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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-vardenafil-Piemonte The Alpha & Omega Learning Center

  • Is designed to help people with personal finances by teaching them how to keep more of what they earn.
  • Our aim is to help people to become less dependent on institutions such as banks, social security and the government and to look to themselves to meet their financial challenges.
  • We offer a 12 week course each Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.. The first 6 weeks is the beginner’s segment followed by 6 weeks intense training (inclusive of one and one sessions).

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read and buy genuine real levitra from online drugstore Additional, we teach Godly principles of titheing and giving. Some of the principles we teach include: 1) how to pay yourself first; 2) how to harness your ‘latte factor’ and save for emergency; short/long term goals; and retirement; 3) how to use OPM successfully to meet goals; 4) the 10/20/70 principle- Give 10% Save 20% and spend 70%.

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http://aeea4u.org/?search=prednisone-10mg-tablet-side-effects As children we learn the alphabet as a starting point,  we have coined 12 ABCS OF MONEY. This is the foundation of our courses:-

  1. Money is a necessity not a luxury
  2. Money does not buy happiness
  3. Money is a tool not an end product
  4. Love of Money is a root of all evil
  5. Money only makes you more of what you already are
  6. Money changes lifes not people
  7. Your attitude towards money is important
  8. Money handled right brings goodness
  9. Money attracts more Money (energy)
  10. Money does not define who you are
  11. Money X compound Interest =Wealth
  12. Money is the Answer for all things

http://history4girls.com/?search=levitra-usual-dosage Passed Trainings

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